Health and safety

In line with its corporate mission, SUMMERTRADE considers it essential to carry out its activities with the utmost respect for all aspects relating to the protection of health and safety in the workplace.

To this end, SUMMERTRADE undertakes to:
1. Act responsibly, in compliance with all applicable legislation in the field of health and safety at work.
2. Target continuous improvement for the protection of health and safety in the workplace through the risk assessment of individual tasks and the subsequent measurement of the results achieved.
3. Prevent potential accidents, injuries and job-related illnesses in the workplace, including through the empowerment and involvement of its employees (information/training) and suppliers.
4. Periodically monitor accident data to identify possible areas for improvement.
5. Reduce the risks generated by activities, especially those relating to cuts and falls.
6. Take particular care when using chemicals, in order to reduce their use and potential danger.
7. Identify measures to improve the manual handling of loads.
8. Ensure correct application of the technologies used and where possible, pursue the improvement of such technologies.

In order to pursue these commitments, SUMMERTRADE has decided to implement a Workplace Health and Safety Management System, in accordance with the OHSAS 18001: 2007 standard and the criteria defined by the UNI INAIL ISPESL guidelines.
This policy is communicated to all personnel working on behalf of SUMMERTRADE and to suppliers and contractors and is available for all parties concerned.
All company personnel are therefore required to make every effort to implement and comply with all established procedures, as an essential aspect for the effectiveness of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
Managing Director - Employer
Dr Andrea Legato
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